Well this is new (on an old domain)

According to some web research I did this morning, I’ve owned this domain for almost 18 years. That does make me feel rather old. Still, I am also aware of the many changes this website has been through in that time. The website has grown with me over time—although it has not become wider like I have.

Over the almost-two-decades, this website has been home to my resume, my interests in photography, guitars, sarsaparilla, graphic design and more. It’s been a confusing journey that only I’ve had any chance of truly understanding. That’s not fair to any other web visitor is it?

The answer is “no”.

Over the years I have had the occasional visitor too. My analytics see a spike over the regular nothingness occasionally. The nothingness however is something that goes on regularly.

But I recently had an idea on how to allow myself to regularly—depending on your definition of regularity—post content that is on one of the many interests I have.

Different, but connected websites! Ingenious right? Well, it’s not rocket science—which is good because that’s not an interest I have—but it is hopefully fairer on the folks who have followed me on one social network platform or another over the years.

So, if you share my interest in guitars, my Scarebear Guitars website is the place for you. If you are interested in the occasional graphic design piece that I share, then the Scarebear Graphics website may interest you. If like me, you have a passion for photography, then I’m hoping you’ll enjoy my Scarebear Photography website. If you’re as scattered as me and can see yourself being interested in all of those things, then this site, the original, Scarebear.org is the parent site that you’ll find easy access to the Scarebear empire.

Empires. They are run by emperors I assume. I know there is such a thing as an Emperor Penguin, but I never considered myself as an Emperor Scarebear until now.

Nope. Thinking about it, I still don’t. That’s a stupid name.

Apart from the categorisation of content, I wanted to build this empire—I really need a less wanky name for this project—as an experiment in branding and web development. My day job sees me managing web designer and developer folks who are way smarter than me. But it is an industry I started producing in before I started managing in it. This project therefore is my way to stay somewhat connected to another passion I have. I need many creative outlets as you can see. This is my attempt to keep them all organised.

Now to try to sort my actual offline life as effectively. That will be next. It may also be a future blog post on this website. Why? Because I also like writing. I may suck at it, but I like it none the less. So if you like to read the ramblings of a man most likely on the brink of insanity, then this website may also provide you with some random ramblings that you’ll enjoy.

It may not. But you never know if you don’t come back to see. I hope you do.

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