Good question. I’m glad I asked that.

Scarebear is the name I use on the Interwebs. Here’s a surprise though. Scarebear isn’t my real name. [Insert shock here].

Scarebear is actually a nickname that was given to me—Jason Brown (my real name)—back in 1991. That’s right. A nickname from before the time the Internet and handles were cool.

Yep. Handles once were cool.

So how did I get this nickname you might wonder? Well, back in 1991 I not only had a full head of hair, I had a full head of long hair. Really long hair. I also rode a motorcycle. After a nice long ride on a motorcycle I would take off my helmet and according to friends at the time, I looked a little like the image at the end of this page.

That character—image drawn so nicely by slappy427 on flickr—is from Yogi’s Space Race (which was clearly a popular cartoon series from when I was much younger). His name? Scarebear. Why else would I be mentioning him? Many years later the name has stayed with me—unlike my hair.

Damn you male pattern baldness!

I’ve used the Scarebear handle online on more websites for more interests than I can remember. You can see the interests I’ve had on this website’s About page. If I can’t secure the Scarebear handle on a new platform I discover, I often end up using 5c4r3834r—which is clearly the word Scarebear using numbers and letters.

That has never been as clear as I’d wanted it to be in all honesty.

One last thing I should point out. I’m not really scary. Are any bears really scary? Perhaps. Please don’t poke any bears in an attempt to find out.

Scarebear drawing by slappy427