Welcome to scarebear.org. It’s quite possible that you’ve been here before and witnessed both content and a website design of an entirely different nature. That would be because I have owned this domain for longer than I can recall and used it for many different purposes in that time. Over the years, this website has been home to:

  • Skinning (enhancing the GUI of various software packages)
  • Portfolio/resume for my graphic/web design work
  • Coldfusion development tutorials
  • Photography
  • Guitars
  • Sarsaparilla and root beer reviews

As you can see, this site has been through some changes as my interests have evolved over the years. With that in mind, I have begun my latest digital experiment to make sense of the various interests that come and go as well as those that have stayed with me all this time. Currently, those interests include writing—hence all these words on what should be a simple page to describe this website—photography, guitars and graphic design. Instead of making all those different interests fit into one website, I have created this gateway website to link to the portfolio websites for each of those main interests.

Scarebear.org is here to give you easy access to my main portfolio websites:

This site may just become the place I also write about the random things that I feel like blogging about. It may not. Either way, this is now the new hub to find the links to main interests and websites. I hope you have fun working that out with me.