Welcome to scarebear.org. My name is Jason Brown and I’ll be your host while you peruse this website.

I’m not the website host though. I pay Namecheap to do that as I’m not smart enough to handle the hosting of websites.

If this is your first time to scarebear.org, I’d like to say “G’day. How’s it goin?” I could also say “Hello. How are you feeling today?”, but that wouldn’t be a genuine welcome from this old Aussie.

As a first time visitor, you may be wondering what a Scarebear is or what that even means. That’s a whole other story and it’s one I’ll gladly share. That was the link to that story. Back there. If you don’t need to read that one …

If you have been here before—welcome back—you may be wondering what this site is currently about. In the years that I’ve had this domain—it’s been well over a decade now—many of my interests have been highlighted here. These have included:

  • skinning (enhancing the GUI of various software packages)
  • the digital portfolio/resume for my graphic/web design work
  • Coldfusion development tutorials
  • photography
  • my guitar fascination—that’s a fancier way of saying addiction
  • sarsaparilla and root beer reviews.

This site has clearly been through some changes as my interests have evolved over the years. With that in mind—and in the interests of providing some clarity—I have decided to simplify this website.

Currently, those interests include writing—hence all these words on what should be a simple page to describe this website—photography, guitars and graphic design. Instead of making all those different interests fit into this website, I have created this gateway website to link to the portfolio websites for each of those main interests.

It’s a small brand management project. The Scarebear brand now includes the following specialty websites:

It’s a fun project to manage. It’s also a lot smaller than you’d possibly expect it to be. It does however allow me to showcase some of the skills I’ve developed over the years. These skills include:

  • graphic design
  • website design
  • website portfolio management
  • social media management
  • digital technology integration/management
  • photography
  • blogging

Feel free to visit again to watch the project develop and grow.