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Six scary questions—Pro Tone Pedals

My six scary questions series has been fun for me. And it's been simple (on account of my own laziness). When I approached Pro Tone Pedals to see if they'd be interested in participating, two things happened that made me incredibly happy.

  1. They said "Sure".
  2. They offered to provide answers in the form of a YouTube video.

Awesome! I just got lazier!

52 Amplifier Heads, week 17—Line 6 DT25

So far in the 52 Amplifiers series I've written about amplifier heads ranging from 1 watt to 20 watts. I'm still looking for something that I could use comfortably at home, but what if I also benefited from something that was capable of a lot more? Then an amplifier that went from 10 watts to 25 watts might be better. But I've so far discovered plenty of amplifiers that provide quite the tonal range for me to consider as well. Thanks to the Line 6 DT25 that might not be a problem either. I love a good problem solver.

My C Giant story

The third guitar I purchased in my current collection of guitars was bought for a reason unlike any other prior (or since for that matter). I was looking for a guitar I could keep at work. An office guitar if you will. I considered purchasing an electric guitar for work, but ended up deciding against that for a couple of reasons.

  1. You don't play an electric guitar unless you're plugging it in to something that is capable of applying distortion to your sound*.
  2. If you're going unplugged, an acoustic guitar is louder and therefore more annoying.

Seems logical right?

iRig PRO—now I can mic an amp with iOS!

Last year I wrote about the release of the iRig PRO. Recently I was lucky enough to add this interface to my personal collection of all-things-cool and I have to say I'm loving it. I would have written about it earlier, but every time I finish playing with the iRig PRO IK Multimedia goes and releases something else of interest to me. Recently they've released the AmpliTube Orange suite (for iOS and PC/Mac), a Custom Shop update with all-new ENGL amps and some amazing EQ releases in T-RackS (including the EQ73, EQ81 and Master EQ 432). So I've had plenty to keep me busy. I'm hoping IK Multimedia takes a holiday this Easter. Then I can catch up on my Blog!

52 Amplifier Heads, week 16—Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-15

If I lived in the United Kingdom and I wanted to purchase a Mesa Boogie amplifier direct from the manufacturer, then that would have to be delivered using trans-Atlantic means. I live in Australia though. So I'd have to rely on trans-Pacific means. Unfortunately Mesa Boogie don't make a Transpacific amplifier head that I'm aware of. They do however make a Transatlantic TA-15 and it looks awesome.

I promise the rest of this article is about an awesome sounding amplifier head and less about geography. I apologise for any learning I may have caused.


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